Many artists nowadays are opting to independently produce their albums without the help of big record labels to hang a massive loan over their head. I don't blame 'em.

Adam Hood is reaching out to us Texas Music fans to help produce his 4th studio album through Kickstarter, an innovative way to raise funds for projects, like Hood's next record:

 Your pledge will help pay for all of the amazing musicians who will perform on the album as well as studio costs, producer fees, licensing fees, artwork design, reward fulfillment, shipping, album manufacturing and distribution.  We also plan to release a new single to regional radio in early 2014 and your donation will help deliver this new music to the airwaves!  The album will consist of about 10 new original songs and maybe a cover or two for good measure!

If all funds are raised, Hood is expected to record in-studio this Fall/Winter with an official album release come Spring. Check out his Kickstarter so we can get some new music to yours ears!