How does Ali Dee find the time? Between reality shows (CMT Women, The Bachelor), a fashion line (Ali Dee Collection), a recent overseas USO tour, her television jobs with Fox Sports Championship Bull Riding and Dallas Mavericks, she sure knows how to make a dude feel unproductive. And now she's got a new song out to radio -- can you guess when she took time to talk to me about? While on vacation. Of course.

Ali's new song "It Ain't" is a summer-time anthem, that the ladies are definitely gonna dig. She told me, "It's a fun rockin' country tune with a lot of attitude, which I feel like sums me up."

Check out our convo and hear the new single below. While you do that, I'm gonna read these articles that came up when I Googled "How to be productive."

Don't miss Ali Dee when she makes her Radio Texas, LIVE! in-studio debut, here in the next three weeks or so.