This year he's a finalist for "Live Act of the Year" at the Lone Star Music Awards. According to Kevin Fowler and Aaron Watson, he is the next breakout star in the Texas scene. Judging by the quality of music he's putting out, the radio play he's receiving and the steady growth of crowds at his shows, Cody Johnson is no less than a sure thing for Fowler and Watson to put their money on.

Recently Cody stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! where he left us with a brand new song "Dance Her Home," plus we got a surprise from "drunk cody," for everyone.

Hear our conversation here.

He's one of the easiest guys to talk to, humble and confident at the same time, these qualities serve him well on stage. His high-energy shows have landed the young singer/songwriter as a finalist at the Lone Star Music Awards this year for Live act of the Year. And even though Johnson is obviously honored by the nomination, his confidence sneaks through, when you realize he expects nothing less from himself or his band.

"You know that's our wheelhouse," Johnson told me. "No matter what we do on records or what I do vocally, or anything like that. When you come to see us, it's a culmination of everyone on stage putting one-hundred and ten percent. I really hope we get it."

Johnson's working on a new album right now. And he's tapping all his friends on this one. He's been writing Roger Creager, Fowler, Kyle Park and Casey Donahew. But he's not limiting himself to just his Texas buddies.

"It's really easy to write with guys like that," says Johnson, "because we cross paths so much."

So in addition to writing with the Texas guys, he's been writing with Nashville stalwarts like Dan Couch, Paul Overstreet and Tim Dubois. Johnson says "It's gonna be a real cool bridge between Nashville and Texas that doesn't sound like either one of 'em, it's just gonna sound like me."

Before he left Johnson sang a new song acoustic for us. It's called "Dance Her Home," and he shed some insight on the song. Give it a listen.

"There's not a guy that's listening right now that hasn't ever seen a girl in the club and just wanted to ask her to dance. But maybe he was too scared." Johnson went on, "I wanted to write a song that you can pick somebody up at a bar to -- but that a husband and wife wouldn't have a problem dancing around to either."