All great franchises get their sequels: "Star Wars," "Back to the Future," "Indiana Jones," "Look Who's Talking." If you aren't up to date on your Earl Dibbles Jr. videos, here we go -- First there was the original "Country Boy" video, followed by the two monstrous music videos "The Country Boy Song," and "Country Boy Love."

Do a little math, and add all those video's views together, you're well over seven million YouTube views. Well that ain't enough for Earl, he's back. Check out "Earl Dibbles Jr., Country Boy Part 2."

And just in case you're late to the party and didn't know, Earl Dibbles Jr. is played by Granger Smith, a for real country artist. Here's the video for Granger's latest single "Silverado Bench Seat," featuring Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel and Ryan Swope.