Most ladies should recognize this heartthrob from his music debut in Country Strong. Garret Hedlund has a deep southern voice, the likes of Townes Van Zandt and Hayes Carll -- he even studied Townes mannerisms to nail down his stage presence!

And boy, he will melt your heart.

Can I just be honest and say what everyone else is thinking? Hedlund needs to jump off the L.A. train and come join the 'Texas Music' scene. I've been holding my breath too long. Is it possible to petition that?

He's currently saving his stardom as a musician for the big screen, but even then he will have you convinced that he belongs right here in the heart of Texas.

I tried to find a decent clip of him playing live, but like I said...he's keeping it under wraps. So here's a clip from the movie...which is a cheesy chick flick you should watch too.