Congratulations to a long time and good friend of Radio Texas, LIVE! on scoring his very first No.1 single on the Texas Music Chart. Granger Smith is not only one of the hardest working dudes in the Texas scene, he's probably the only guy in it any of us would be cool with our little sister dating -- If he weren't married and expecting his second child, of course.

In honor of Granger's first trip to the top let's take a look back at some highlights (lowlights) from his visits over the years.

2013 Granger Doesn't Remember Wife's Name (Basically).

2012 Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls in to Talk with Granger.

2011 Granger Pretends to be Me, Steals Show.

Congrats once again Granger to you and your guys from all of us at Radio Texas, LIVE! See ya soon. Here's the video to his first No.1 single "Silverado Bench Seat," featuring Aggies Ryan Swope and Johnny Manziel.