I can't be the only only who thinks it seems weird when we feel the need to point out how "country" a singer/songwriter is, especially in a genre that is regularly referred to as "Texas Country." But Jon Wolfe does stand out as a legitimate "country" artist, among by bands slightly less country, or easily more Rock or Blues and Americana. This week Wolfe lands the RTX Sunday Video.

Jon's got shows coming up in Tyler, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, click here to see his complete tour schedule -- when you get a chance make it a point to see him live.

"I Don't Dance"

RTX Sunday Video **BONUS**

"Singin' Thing"

Last time Jon stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! he sang a brand new song called "Singin' Thing," and it is easily one of the top 5 songs ever sung on the show, here's that video.