So how did Josh Abbott became the first guest to do ask me "Five Questions?" He was the first to follow through on his threat.

At one point or another, pretty much all of my guests have threatened to bring in hard hitting questions -- like the ones I ask -- to give to me. And I understand. I mean these hotshot bands stop by Radio Texas, LIVE! and I work to embarrass 'em. It's fun for me, hopefully you and sometimes the artists too.

After this little experience, I gotta say, now I understand how they feel -- I didn't do too hot. We'll go ahead and start out with the audio from Josh Abbott's "Five Questions with Buddy Logan," seeing how it's what most of you want to hear.

But that's not all that happened when Abbott stopped in. I got Josh first, with "Five INCREDIBLE Questions," and mine weren't piggybacked off another person's hard work.

When Kacey Musgraves played on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" a few weeks ago I thought she was rockin' a banjo on national television. But Josh and the guys were quick to correct, calling out their friend for playing a "ganjo," something I'd never heard of. But apparently it's an insturment true banjo players aren't to cool with.

As you probably know Musgraves was featured throughout Abbott's 2010 album "She's Like Texas," and aside from the good-natured ganjo blasting, he had nothing but great things to say about the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year nominee.

It's one of those deals where I've always seen it on the horizon... I'm not gonna lie it happened a lot sooner than I though, but that's only because she's so young. Just to watch her grow as a songwriter and artist of the last few years has been amazing. I truly believe she's going to be a trendsetter in country music for women.

It's been a few years since "She's Like Texas," an album that really cemented JAB as a Texas Music powerhouse. So of course fans are anxiously waiting for their next. So I asked Abbott about a new album timeline.

We're going back in the studio in May, so I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Ive got a lot of really cool writes comin' up; Wade Bowen, Jack [Ingram], Cory [Morrow], Ray Wylie [Hubard] and some Nashville cats.  So we'll release the first single from that in July or August.