Kacey Musgraves is following her arrow, and it's pointed straight up. The New Artist of the Year CMA Award winner and newly announced Grammy nominee has had a breakout 2013, and is wrapping it up with the release of a new music video. 'Follow Your Arrow' is Musgraves' newest single from her critically acclaimed CD 'Same Trailer, Different Park'.

As opposed to most of country music, 'Follow Your Arrow' does anything but embrace small town living. It encourages the listener to avoid falling into what other people expect, and choose their own path. Shot in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA, the video for 'Follow Your Arrow' is easy-going, cute and fun. Kacey sways around casually in a variety of cute little western outfits. She's surrounded by bandmates attempting to dance through much of it, and it all sets off a tone of relaxing fun in the desert. Check out the 'Follow Your Arrow' video here:

Kacey was injured on the set of this video shoot, sustaining a nasty scrape to her leg. But the Texas songstress toughed it out and the finished product is a pretty cool video.