Kyle Park has established himself as a rising star in the Texas Music scene, and he did it the old fashioned way. Though a Park concert is one of the most popular draws in Texas, until this year he hadn't had a Top 10 single. He built his fan base slow, live show, by live show -- without too much help from radio in the beginning, something that is very hard to do.

Check out "Five Questions with Kyle Park" here.

Texas radio has finally embraced Park, and rightfully so, and in much the same way his fans have for years. I suppose late is better than never, Kyle Park belongs on country radio.

When Park stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! he shared with us a brand new song titled "Beggin' for More." In it, he does what women have been doing forever, comparing men to dogs. "The idea of this song," Park says, "was that women never like the man to be a dog, except one way -- they want you to beg for more, so that's the catch."

The song, which will be on his forthcoming album due out in early 2013 goes:

This ol' hound dog finally found all he's ever gonna need. I don't mind being chained up tangled round your love, waiting right at your feet. I can be your best friend till the end, oh I won't stray away no more. Oh I never thought I could be such a dog but it didn't take long before you had me begging for more.

Hear "Beggin' for More" here.

As far as the next album goes Park was pretty open-ended, not giving away too many details, because they aren't too concrete yet. He did tell me they don't have a title for the album yet but, "it'll be [our] fourth full album, no EP's this time and 'The Night is Young' is the first single off it."

You may recall he released to two EP's in 2010 (Spring and Fall), before combining both, adding a few new songs, remixing others and releasing the mega album "Make or Break Me."

Kyle Park is here to stay in Texas Music, and that's a good thing. For your RTX-Extra hear Kyle talking about his latest single "The Night is Young."