When the Eli Young Band had a homecoming concert in Arlington, they found someone who could help them make the show extra special. Actress and singer Lucy Hale joined the guys on stage in front of 18,000 hometown fans, when she joined EYB onstage for their hit song, 'Even If It Breaks Your Heart'.

Here's video that a fan took of Lucy Hale and the Eli Young Band singing 'Even If It Breaks Your Heart':

The star of 'Pretty Little Liars' is gearing up for a career in country music herself. In fact, her debut single, 'You Sound Good To Me,' is set for release next year. Hale sang several verses in the tune,which earned EYB and co-writer Will Hoge a Grammy Award nomination. The audience ate it up, and Hale enjoyed herself so much that she later posted a photo of herself and the band on Instagram, and wrote a note of appreciation: