Last week I'd heard that Steve Rice of No Justice was under the weather -- I had no idea it was this serious. Three surgeries later, it's looking good for the Okie singer/songwriter. All of us at Radio Texas, LIVE! are wishing Rice a speedy recovery.

In the ten years since first coming together No Justice has released five albums, had eight Top 10 singles, including two No. 1's on the Texas charts. The band released their fifth album titled “America’s Son,” this past December.

According to a news release, here's what transpired:

Rice arrived at the emergency room in Stillwater on March 18 complaining of chest and stomach pains. Doctors determined he was suffering from an enlarged gallbladder that was described by the doctors as one of the worst cases they had seen, according to the release.

Rice’s gallbladder was successfully removed the following day, but his chest pains continued. A slew of tests and X-rays revealed a significant amount of fluid around the singer’s heart resulting from a viral infection, according to the release. Rice was rushed by ambulance to an Oklahoma City hospital, where doctors withdrew more than a liter of fluid from the sack around his heart.

That evening, Rice took a turn for the worse, coming down with a serious fever. Fluid was building around his heart again and also in his lungs, as he was additionally suffering from pneumonia. Rice underwent yet another surgery where doctors successfully removed the fluid for the second time.

Rice is recovering at home this week and is reported to be feeling much better, according to the release.

The band’s concert dates have been canceled this weekend. For updates, follow the band on Facebook at

If you'd like to help out Steve, donations can be sent to the nonprofit Red Dirt Relief Fund, 3910 West 6th St. #252, Stillwater, OK 74074. For more information or online donations, click here.