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I think this video is fun, silly, hysterical and just a good old-fashioned old-school perverted video that not only objectifies women and perpetuates the stereotype of all “video vixens” shaking their boo-tay's for the lead singer, but makes me want to go and get drunk and forget all about how you can play chinese checkers on my own boo-tay.


Dude…finally, a video that does not take its self so seriously. I know the song was NOT written by Randy and it was written by “Nashville” hit song writers…blah blah blah…but like I said on the comment I left on YouTube, if I hear ONE MORE PERSON moan about the Randy Rogers band “going Nashville” I am going to poke my eyes out with a rusty ice pick. SHUT UP!

How about we all celebrate and be happy for the RRB's success? Don't you think they have worked hard enough for it?  You bet your own boo-tay they have!

And before you start yapping about "selling out" why not try and educate yourself on the history of the Randy Rogers Band?! They have been writing and recording in Nashville since their Rollercoaster album.

If you ask me, "Fuzzy" is the LEAST Nashville song on the radio right NOW. Ray Wylie Hubbard and slide guitar? SHOW ME THAT ON NASHVILLE RADIO. Damn sheep…just repeat what you don’t know cause you think it makes you sound “hip”…bahhhhhhhh….and that is coming from someone who didn’t really love the new RRB album, Trouble.

All I know is the past two times I saw the RRB perform live it blew AWAY any/all “Nashville” artist I have seen perform live recently. BLEW THEM AWAY.

Now run tell that homeboy.

Sidenote: Which one of these bimbos was Heather?  I need to know!

And yes, the rumor ARE true. This IS me in the hot tub wearing the big bunny head.