The new William Clark Green album, "Rose Queen" is finally out. And the follow up to his 2011 record "Misunderstood" is easily his most personal to date. Green, who was the 2012 TRRMA New Male Vocalist of the Year, called in for the exclusive radio debut of four cuts off "Rose Queen," including the title track, "Dead or in Jail," "Take Me Away," and his current single "She Likes the Beatles.

"Rose Queen"

Will shares that it's a song inspired by his father, who always told him "Don't date the Rose Queen, you can't afford it."

"Dead or in Jail"

This is a song Green says sounds like it could be "theme music for the bad guy on Mario Kart or something." It's an intelligent and dark song masked by a light-hearted beat and tune. It may be my favorite off the record, and that's saying something.

"She Likes the Beatles"

Green's current single, a co-write with Brian Keane, is another strong song. After starting on the song Green said he thought it needed some of Keane’s “wit,” so he sent it to him. When it was all said and done, Brian who is a premiere songwriter, and former keys-player for Randy Rogers not only co-wrote with him, he also ended playing keys on the album.

"Take Me Away"

It's an extremely personal, almost scary song. This is one of those had I written no one would ever hear -- but that's what separates guys like Will and me. Green said "I dont remember writing the song, I came home from the Blue Light in Lubbock, woke up the next morning and [it] was on my phone." He laughed, "I was like what is wrong with me?"