Sam Riggs' long awaited full-length album 'Outrun The Sun' was released yesterday, charting the Top 10 Country albums on iTunes, and was featured as a 'New and Noteworthy' artist (*insert applause*).

ORTS is Riggs' first full-length album to date, and lemme tell ya - it is a solid piece of work. The record is packed with original tunes, with the exception of Fire and Dynamite, which was written and previously recorded by Drew Holcomb. Each song packs a punch with strong lyricism, followed through with an all-round epic sound:

"The album is laced with themes of hope and the realness of life. Overall it has a positive message, but it does have a sharp edge as well. I have a very realistic approach to songwriting - I tend to write about emotion and human condition more so than a fabricated experienced" - Sam Riggs.

My favorite? Hard to say... but I think I'd have to go with Longshot, which kicks off the album with a dang good start. I was able to get the inside scoop behind each song from Riggs himself. Get the behind-the-scenes details here first (Click here to download the album on iTunes):

1. Longshot - A hope themed song about picking up the pieces of a broken relationship and not giving u.
2. Come back down - A real bittersweet tune. It's about being in love with someone who continually lets you down, but in the end - when it's good, it's so good that you let them back in.
3. Oilfield Town - This song is about the rise and fall of an oil boom, through the lens of

an oil field worker.
4. Collide - Collide is about overcoming your past and finding someone you click with that balances you out, and inside that you find a second chance.
5. The Chase - This is about... the chase. Being in love with someone who has no idea you're in love with them.
6. Someone Else's Love Song - A crowd favorite - about remembering an old love and wondering what happened. Then it hits you - the moment you were done and you remember why they're gone. It's kind of a turning of the page song, and moving on with your life.
7. Fire and Dynamite - I didn't write this song, but for me it's about finding that one person that explodes your world wide open, that one person that sticks out in the crowd - no matter what you have to chase after them.
8. Angola's Lament - This threads the needle of utter heartbreak and rage.
9. Hold On and Let Go - This is based on the 'two sparrows in a hurricane' ideal - two people that have similar vices and are terrible for each other, but at the same time they're the best thing for another. They hold on when times get hard and let go of the world.
10. Lighthouse - This is another second chance song - suddenly realizing you have self-purpose in life. You can't redo your past but you can start doing it right now.
11. Change - This is about really taking a good hard look at yourself and how you affect yourself and the ones that you love. It's coming to terms with your own demons and changing for the better.

Riggs will be calling into Radio Texas, LIVE! Saturday to talk about the album, and debut a couple songs off of it -- so tune in.