Bart Crow

Top 20 Texas / Red Dirt Country Songs for Newbies
I've run into a dilemma recently... some friends who just moved to Texas from New York, are in need of some new music. Naturally, my inclination is to give them a taste of Texas Country, although they aren't big country fans. Or they aren't yet... muahaha.
Our Pal, Bart Crow, Needs a Lil’ Bit of Help
One of Texas' nicest guys, Bart Crow is asking for some help. He's gotta a friend who has a daughter, her name is Shadoh Campbell. Shadoh recently became a mother, and not soon after that she was diagnosed Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Bart Crow and Wife Welcome Twin Baby Boys
Post by Bart Crow.
The Texas Music family is sure growin'. Not to be outdone by the Pattersons (JB and the Moonshine Band) or the Donahews, Bart Crow and his wife doubled down and welcomed as many babies as they did, combined -- TWO beautiful babies. Congrats...
Bart Crow and Wife Having Twins!
Congrats to Bart Crow and his wife, their son Townes is going to be a big brother... to twins!
If you're wondering the sex of these fraternal twins, you're gonna have to wait. Mom and dad have decided they want to be surprised. We'll all find out on or around December 5th, that's …
Bart Crow LIVE on The Front Porch [VIDEOS]
Last week Bart Crow stopped by to perform for some of our great listeners. Since we understand not everyone can make it out in the middle of the work day (we don't have room for all y'all anyways), from "Wear My Ring" and "Dandelion" to some brand new so…