Jason Boland and the Stragglers

Top 20 Texas / Red Dirt Country Songs for Newbies
I've run into a dilemma recently... some friends who just moved to Texas from New York, are in need of some new music. Naturally, my inclination is to give them a taste of Texas Country, although they aren't big country fans. Or they aren't yet... muahaha.
Why Texas Music Was Awesome in 2013
Seems like most everyone is bashing country music these days, and there's reason to. I heard  some legitimate reasons Why Country Music was Awful in 2013. And while calling people out for singing crappy songs serves a purpose, and may even serve to correct the ship -- you gotta admit, it&a…
Top 5: Best Jason Boland & The Stragglers Songs
For me Jason Boland & The Straggles, though without a doubt popular and successful, are a band that are yet to get their due. These guys are great. What's my measuring stick for such a claim? Boland has never changed his style, his delivery, not even the central theme for most of his mu…

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