Shane Smith and The Saints

Dalton Domino All Set to Make Cowboy’s Debut
Town-by-town, and club-by-club Dalton Domino has been burning down West Texas with smoldering live shows for a couple of years. This Wednesday, East Texas will finally get their chance to survive a Dalton Domino show as he takes his to Cowboy's in Tyler.
Our Top 5 Picks: Texas Artists That Will Dominate 2015
Throughout the history of "Texas Music" there have been certain artists that stepped forward as... "leaders" per-say. These leaders made headway for the rest of our favorite artists. In the beginning, we had Pat Green, Cory Morrow and Roger Creager step up, follow…
New Music + Video from Shane Smith this Week
This Saturday (June 21), Shane Smith and the Saints will be back with us on Radio Texas, LIVE!, to debut their new single. But you don't have to wait till then to watch the brand new video for the song, Dance the Night Away, enoy!
Part Two: The Perfect Texas Music Road Trip Playlist
It's about that time of year when you get to drive down that long stretch of Texas highway with your windows down, jamming none other than your favorite Texas artists. Lemme tell ya - our playlist is long! So we've narrowed down a few of our favorites - some off the beaten path, …