The Rankin Twins

Kimberly Dunn Set to Host Her Inaugural Mammo-Jam
Kimberly Dunn's Dunn Good Foundation is hosting it's first ever MAMMO-JAM on Sunday, Nov. 6th at Willie's Joint in Buda, TX.
And Dunn's got an impressive lineup for the inaugural event. Sam Riggs, Rob Baird,Troy Cartwright, Bri Bagwell, The Rankin Twins, Judson Cole, The Gibbonses, Kimberly Dunn, Adr…
Top 5: Redneck Country Christmas Songs
Honestly, this was entirely way too easy. There is just one too many redneck country Christmas tunes in the world. Lucky for you, I've gathered the best of them.... if that's what we are calling them? So no need to go huntin' them down. You're welcome.
#RankinRoadRules with Amy + April Rankin
I've known the Rankin Twins for over three years, and I still have no idea which is which. At one point anyone could know the difference by remembering: "Short name (Amy), short hair." Then they went and got haircuts.

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