Cool stuff like this can't be exclusive to the Texas/ Red Dirt scene. I'm certain it happens in other scenes like, Georgia? But the difference is their scene is not our scene. And this is what makes ours the coolest one. Last week The Dirty River Boys played a show at a bar with a strict no minors policy, to the dismay of one of their young fans. Well, The Boys weren't having any of it. What they did next was beyond the call of duty, and just plain awesome.

From the Dirty River Boys Facebook:

Last week, we played at Capital Bar in Ft Worth where there is a strict "no minors" policy. This man and his son came and stood in the back alley so they could hear the show. We thought that was really cool, so we gave them a private concert right before we hit the stage.

Think about what they just did for a second. As a kid I know something of this magnitude would have had a profound affect on me. You never know, they may have gone and changed the trajectory of this young man's life -- for five minutes of theirs. I've been saying it for over a year, the Dirty River Boys are likely the best young live band in Texas or Oklahoma. If their sheer talent isn't enough for you to become a fan, this should be.