From promoting singles off their new album 'Ramble on Privilege Creek' to lead singer Stewart Mann singing the National Anthem at an Astros game, and continuing a jam-packed tour schedule, there's been no lack of excitement from the Austin-based band this year. But Stewart, brother Garrett and drummer Kris Schoen took time to pay us a visit in the KEAN studios, and play a couple songs for us.

In the first part of the interview, Stewart "It just seems like since we put it out, that we're turning on more and more people, and that's a great thing for us, particularly in this state...we went through a period where I felt like we were doing better out of state than we were in Texas, and it really kind of, you know, hurt my feelings a little bit. This is my home state, this is where I want to be doing well. I think so far with this record it seems like we're turning people on to what we're doing.". He also explained what it was like to sing the National Anthem at a Houston Astros game, telling us it was "overwelming" and "crazy". Take a listen to part 1 of The Statesboro Revue in the KEAN studios.

The second part of The Statesboro Revue's visit included a live acoustic performance of 'Fade My Shade of Black'. Take a listen:

Part 3 of my in-studio interview with The Statesboro Revue included a performance of on of my favorite TSR songs, 'Little Mary's Last Stand'. Stewart Mann also explained that "free shows are cool, hate the shows where you play somewhere, and the cover's like too much, and then you have some people that don't want to pay it, so they walk in and then walk back out...if that happens [during a free show] then we know that it's on us, like literally our music or something, and then that's bad". I can't imagine that happening to these guys. Check out part 3 of our interview with The Statesboro Revue:

We wrapped up our visit with discussion talking about the difference between their first CD, 'Different Kind of Light' "I think so, yeah. It's different styles, kind of going in with different influences. This is Garrett's first record with the band. Everybody brings their own unique tastes and influences to the band and to the record. So I think that's pretty evident...and we just went after a different production style [with Ramble on Privilege Creek]. It's a lot more earthy, rootsy and warm.". Garrett added that 'Ramble' features "a lot more instruments on it too.". Here's the final segment of my interview with The Statesboro Revue:

The newest Statesboro Revue single is called 'Huck Finn'. Be sure to request it, and you can also download all of their music from iTunes. Get the latest band news, information and tour dates from their official website. You can also follow them on their Facebook page and on Twitter. Thanks to Stewart, Garrett and Kris for stopping in!