“The X Factor.” We all want it, especially musicians. But not everyone has it. There’s a lot of people trying to make it in this music scene and there’s a lot of forces trying to bring them down. But those with “The X-Factor” — that little spark that takes someone the extra mile — they will move mountains.

Rule No. 1: Heart and Soul.

Rule No. 2: You’d Kill to be on Stage.

Rule No. 3: Humility.

Rule No. 4: Balls of Steel.

Rule No. 5: Integrity.

I think it goes without saying that we all have, at some point, suffered through a miserable job, a tough boss, low income and a heavy heart. For many musicians, this is their daily routine. They love their job, but hate the gigs. They want to play, but can't pay their bills. They leave loved ones at home for long periods of time, which aches their heart.

And then there's the breaking point.

Do you want to know the the simplest way to tell if a musician has the 'X Factor'? They aren't quitters. Sure, sometimes they don't like the band they play with. Or want more stable pay. That's normal. But when they reach their breaking point, they reevaluate their choices and come out on top. They don't leave everyone around them high and dry or blame the world for their problems.

Look out for those bands that stick by each other through thick and thin. They'll make it.