“The X Factor.” We all want it, especially musicians. But not everyone has it. There’s a lot of people trying to make it in this music scene and there’s a lot of forces trying to bring them down. But those with “The X-Factor” — that little spark that takes someone the extra mile — they will move mountains.

Rule No. 1: Heart and Soul.

Rule No. 2: You’d Kill to be on Stage.

Rule No. 3: Humility.

Rule No. 4: Balls of Steel.

Rule No. 5: Integrity.

Rule No. 6: Entitlement.

Just to be very clear, if you are musician and a fellow musician invites you to a show, that does not mean you are invited on stage. You are not entitled to crash their party. Enjoy the show from the sidelines, unless you are invited on stage.I'm not going to name any names on this one - but seriously. C'mon.

Turnpike Troubadours had a sold out show at House of Blues in Houston - that's a big deal! Another musician decided to crash their last song, which just so happens to be their current radio hit 'If You're Going to Play in Texas.'

Although this "special guest" claims to have been invited by the band, it was evident lead singer Evan Felker had no idea who this guy was. Nor did he look happy about it.

I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers here -- it's just etiquette. This isn't a stripped down bar where you can have a song swap. It's the House of Blues -- the big leagues. Not cool.