Everyone needs a certain appreciation for the classics – those songs that inspired the Texas and Nashville tunes we hear today. There was a certain honesty in songwriting back in the day that deserves to be recognized and remembered.

Merle Haggard is often referred to as "the poet of the common man," and a country music legend alongside the likes of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. His lyrics are elegantly simple, and truthful at best. He started pursuing music full time after a bit of a messy past, and was encouraged by Cash to write about those life experiences, which as Cash knew they would, turned into number one hits - like this one!

'I'm a Lonesome Fugitive' is a classic that has deeply inspired the work I have been doing with current artists on the Texas music scene - heck, my documentary series is even taken after his lyrics:

"Down every road there's always one more city,
I'm on the run, the highway is my home"

His dozens of awards and achievements throughout his career serve only as a testament to the amazing songwriting he has blessed us with.