A year and half ago. That was the first time I interviewed the one and only "Philthy" Phil Hamilton -- and ladies, this guy has some serious tricks up his sleeves. Phil doesn't mess around when it comes to his hair, and I noticed he and the band (at the time) all had luscious long locks -- silky smooth, and healthy as a horse.

Well... Phil filled me in on his the secret.

Do not use shampoo. I repeat, do not use shampoo.

Shampoo is full of harmful chemicals - not unlike chemicals you would find in household cleaners. Disgusting, I know. Of course, you could always find an organic brand that is super expensive, or... just use conditioner.

I've taken this guys advice for nearly 2 years, and my hair has never been healthier. Once you get over the 2-3 month mark, you'll never want to go back.