A lot of movement this week as Cody Johnson, Casey Donahew and Jason Cassidy all look to unseat Brandon Rhyder's "Haggard" as the No.1 song in Texas. Were any of these guys able to pass Rhyder and land the coveted top spot? Let’s find out.

10. 14 Miles from Home -- Sixth Market Blvd.

9. Holdin' Pattern -- The Rankin Twins

8. She Ain’t Leavin’ Mark McKinney 

7. Messin’ Around — Rich O’Toole

6. Haggard Brandon Rhyder

5. Dark and Dirty Mile -- Jason Boland and the Stragglers

4. Somethin’ Ain’t Always Better than Nothin‘ — Derly Dodd

3. Whiskey Baby – Casey Donahew Band

2. I Don’t Care About You Cody Johnson Band

1. Blame it on Wayolon – Jason Cassidy 

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