Wade's latest single has been tearing up the Texas charts, and national television, "Songs About Trucks" that's done real well for us," says Bowen. "Three weeks at the top of Texas radio and regional radio... CMT has been playing the video which we're really proud of, so yeah, it's been a good year, a good few months.

After this hectic holiday season Bowen is looking forward to the new year, "I'm really excited about 2014," he says. "We're gonna get get out around the rest of the country a lot more. We're gonna hit the west coast and the Northeast and all those things a lot more than we've ever done before, so it's a little scary but also exciting."

Next we discussed Bowen's latest album, "The Given." Did Wade steer this project in a different direction, or did it just naturally progress into a different sound from his previous albums?

"I just think I try to make the best record possible," says Wade. "And I think we're always going to make different records as long as we're trying to grow. Especially me as a songwriter you always try to grow. Whether that's becoming more mature, or whether it's having kids... I've always been honest with myself and honest with the fans with our music."

After fifteen years Wade has built a great relationship with his fans, and it's obvious he appreciates them. After all these years, and all these fans, what's the strangest things he's ever autographed?

"Let's see I signed a mannequin one time in Longview, TX. The guy danced with her all night and I signed her forehead."

You can catch Wade in concert (11/27) at Graham Central Station in Odessa, Friday (11/29) and the Lucky Mule in Abilene, Saturday (11/30) at Melody Ranch in Waco and Wednesday (12/4) in Tyler at Cowboy's

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