Zane Williams has had cameras following him around for over 2 years while he takes part in the documentary TV show 'Troubadour, TX'. So, it only makes sense that when he released his first music video, Zane and his bandmates would be naturals. Such is the case with 'Overnight Success', which debuted this week on CMT.

The video follows the song word for word. It's a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tune about how an "overnight success" takes years to create. As Williams would call it, 'Overnight Success' is a "Zane-y" video, because it fits his unique writing and storytelling style. No surprises, this video is fun. Check it out:

Congratulations to Zane Williams on his first video. Let's hope there are many more to come for this "overnight success" 20 years in the making!