This week Bonnie Bishop posted her new music video for her song, “I Don’t Like To Be Alone.” In addition to the new video Bishop shared an inspiring personal message to her fans:

It’s a new year and a new chapter. The personal struggles and losses that many of us had to face in 2019 are behind us, but our hearts are still raw from being cracked wide open 💔

There really couldn’t be a more fitting time to be releasing the video for “I Don’t Like To Be Alone” than now. This one goes out to anyone out there who feels like they don’t know where they belong. It’s ok to not be ok…for now. But may this year inspire us all to embrace the “home” within ourselves.

Thank you to #MakeSomethingBeautiful in #FortWorth for this gorgeous video! I’d love for everyone to share it and hopefully it will land in front of someone who needs to hear this song 🎶

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