We all know that Texans are happy with the way Texas is currently, most have zero desire to make the lone star state anything like California. But that doesn’t stop people coming from California wanting to be apart of all the wonderful things that are going on here in Texas. But I do believe that the people that are choosing to move to Texas from California are the ones that are unhappy with the way that California is now, and they admire the kind of life that we enjoy here in Texas. 

At times I think some people can show more kindness to people that are choosing to move to Texas. Although everyone that chooses to move to the state of Texas has to understand that there are things here that might not be what you’re used to, Texans enjoy it this way so don’t attempt to change anything.

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You Will Love Texas Just Embrace It 

Everything from the southern hospitality to the amazing BBQ, Texas is awesome. But there are some substantial changes for people moving from California to Texas and I will describe those in more details as you scroll down. 

What Are Those Big Changes Californians Will See in Texas? 

If you’re new to Texas or thinking about moving to Texas you should expect some changes compared to what you’re used to, that is not necessarily a terrible thing. Here is a look at some of the changes you will see after making the move to Texas. I’m fairly sure you’re going to love Texas and if you don’t, well, bless your heart. 

Californians Will See These Changes When Moving to Texas

Here are some big changes when people decide to make the move from California to Texas.

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