The other day I ran across an article stating that Facebook was "as dead as MySpace" and that Twitter was the hip new place to hang out. The next article I came across made the claim that Twitter was essentially on its way out and that Instagram was going to be more popular than Facebook by the end of 2015.

Who can keep up? I sure can't ... and I actually TRY.

They say that "a picture is worth a thousand words," so basically Instagram is essentially Twitter for people that don't have the attention span to actually read 140 characters. With that said, I thought I'd put together a weekly list of "Scenelebrity" Instagram accounts you should be following, if you don't already.

Here is who made my top three Insta must-follows this week:

1.  Adam Hood

Well it WAS gonna be the last pic until I saw this!!!! Double whammy

A photo posted by Adam Hood (@adamhoodmusic) on

Adam made my No. 1 spot for two reasons, 1. He loves to put bad-parkers on blast. 2. His green thumb.

I became slightly obsessed with watching Adam's tomato plants grow... and die... this season. While I personally mourned the 'maters, it brought a huge smile to my face to see how successful his pepper crop was this summer. Yes, I became emotionally invested in his garden and that is the key to a successful Instagram account -- emotional investment.

2.  Sunny Sweeney

Thank you for my killer #suburbanoutlaws shirt! I love it! A photo posted by SUNNY SWEENEY (@gettinsweenered) on

If you don't follow Sunny, you are missing out on a good time! Sunny's page is full of hysterically relateable memes, tons of snapshots with her alongside other cool famous people, the occasional well-placed obscenity and great pictures of her at various red carpet events with her smoking hot husband Jeff.

What more could anyone ask for from an Instagram account?

3. Bueller The Frenchie

Who wore it better? ...Me obviously #backoffmebro #twinning

A photo posted by Bueller The Frenchie (@_buellersdayoff) on

If you aren't a follower of the band American Aquarium, you may not be familiar with Bueller. His human is none other than BJ Barham. BJ also has an extremely follow-worthy Insta'count, but to be honest, Bueller is the real rock star. Just look at him!

How much of a bad ass is Bueller? He's not only adorable, he has great outfits and takes lots of naps!