In December of '20, Koe Wetzel and Read Southall wrapped up the year with a quick lil acoustic jaunt. The two friends played a few broke down, socially distanced, and intimate shows for live music starved fans, including this one in Houston.

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Over the past couple weeks Koe has shared videos from the show, Live at White Oak Music Hall. This is great news for the thousands and thousands of us who were unable to attend. Today we present all three parts, enjoy.

PART 1: Koe performs “Good Die Young” and "Cold & Alone” off his latest album Sellout, and “Ragweed.” from Harold Saul High.

PART 2: We get “Something To Talk About” off of Noise Complaint, then “Crying From The Bathroom” off of Sellout, and “Austin.”

PART 3: Koe gives us acoustic takes of “Love,” “Forever,” “Wine Glass,” and “Post-Sellout.”

Koe Wetzel's long-awaited third album Sellout was released in November, his first release with Columbia Records. If you're worried, relax, 13 of the 14 tracks were either written or co-written by Koe. You're probably more of a sellout than he is.

Be sure to give my new podcast a listen; Buddy Logan's Aircheck is available to stream or download on Spotify, Google, anywhere fine podcasts can be found. Koe is my guest on the newest episode, he's on talking all about noodling and stuff.

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