Meet Buddy Logan, the Host of Radio Texas, LIVE!

Christopher Vinn, Townsquare Media
Christopher Vinn, Townsquare Media

Just like his listeners, Buddy Logan is first and foremost a lover of Texas Music.

“I love real music written and sung by the same person. And story songs,” Buddy says. “The way a Robert Earl Keen or Chris Knight spin a story is pretty much unheard of now. It’s a shame more people don’t get to hear music of that caliber on radio much anymore.”

And his infectious passion for the music oozes throughout Radio Texas, LIVE!  It’s been a love affair since he first heard Pat Green’s “Carry On” in 2001.

Buddy spent the final two years of high school in Idaho working with and weening every bit of radio greatness he could from the legendary Tommy Winters. Soon after graduating in 1999, he made his way south to Texas to attend college -- and it wasn’t long before he was back in radio, this time in East Texas.

Despite not knowing one thing about the music, when the station he was at asked him to host a Texas Music show, he jumped at it. So for him, it was on the radio spinning the music, where he first discovered guys like Charlie Robison, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Robert Earl Keen, Jason Boland, Cory Morrow and Pat Green.

“I had no idea who these guys were. And at the time there wasn't nearly as much as there is now. In fact, we were so short on music I had to fill out the show with burned CDs from friends. So at this point, I barely knew the music and since I was playing burned CDs, I didn’t even know the titles of songs, I just played stuff I liked and guessed the titles. It was a mess!" Buddy said. "But it wasn't long before it was all I was listening to. I loved it."

After serving six years in the U.S. Army, which included two tours in Iraq, Buddy returned to Texas and the radio in 2008. He's been playing Texas Music on the radio ever since, and at 101.5 KNUE in Tyler, Texas since 2011. It was here where Radio Texas, LIVE! was first born, and eventually syndicated across 17 markets in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, South Dakota, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Buddy still broadcasts his show every Saturday night from Tyler, Texas.

In between all the Texas Music, Buddy managed to graduate from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2010, with a degree in Business Marketing.

Asked what his job is, Buddy said, "That's simple, the music I play deserves to be heard. So, my job is to make sure that happens. I play Texas Music on the radio."

And, of course, now here on

"I think this is a great opportunity to give Texas Music a much bigger stage," Buddy said. "Now we're in 15 markets -- and most the stations that carry Radio Texas, LIVE! had never played any Texas Music before, and now online too? It is so awesome, it's finally getting the platform that it has been missing for too long."