American Aquarium

It's a Girl!
Well a big congratulations to our favorite North Carolinian! Bj Barham of American Aquarium and his wife Rae are expecting their first child in 2018.
One of the Most Sad, Thought Provoking Videos of the Past Year
Last summer Bj Barham's debut solo album, Rockingham, was funded by fans. Since then Barham's American Aquarium band mates have all gone their separate ways. But American Aquarium lives on.
In honor of the new faces of American Aquarium, and the band's return to Texas later this month let's throw it …
New Look American Aquarium Eye Texas Return This August
American Aquarium, as most of their fans knew them, came to an end in April when it was revealed three of the final four members (Bill Corbin, Kevin McClain, and Whit Wright) were leaving. That announcement came roughly two months after Ryan Johnson, and Colin Dimeo announced their plans to pursue o…
Our Top 17 Texas & Red Dirt Singles of '17... So Far
It’s June, so we are about halfway to 2018. That means if we project it out, around half the songs that will be released this year have been. Time to share our picks for our Favorite Texas & Red Dirt Singles of ’17… So Far.
Did a song that was released i…

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