New Lyric Video Time
The lyric video for Stoney LaRue's 2014 chart topper Golden Shackles was unleashed on to the world earlier this month. Meanwhile the music video for his current single, and the title track of his album Aviator was released way back in October. Can someone explain that to me?
The Larue Crue
Last week we highlighted the Chance Anderson "A Team," an all-inclusive opportunity to get more involved and connect with Chance Anderson and the band. These little "A Teams" are popping up with various bands, and come in many names and fashions.
Stoney LaRue
Along with the launch of the new record this past week, Stoney also released the official music video for the title track off the album, Aviators. A very fun, relaxed video. I dig it.
New Stoney
Aviators, the brand new album from Stoney LaRue debuted this morning in the Top 10 on iTunes, and is currently at No. 2.
Natalie's P.O.T.W.
I wish more often there were songs like this which resonates on the inside – a song that is pure and fresh. It should happen more often than not.
Sneak Peek
Stoney LaRue has a new album coming out this month. Yup, hard to believe but it's October. Now, I could've sworn the release date for Aviators was the 28th -- and that is a Tuesday so it makes sense, but all of the social media and websites say 27th, a Monday? Stoney just does whatever he …