Chris LeDoux

This is Must See
Last weekend was the 7th Annual Chris LeDoux Days in the legend's hometown of Kaycee, Wyoming.  On Saturday night the festival got a little extra western as the night's headliner, Cody Johnson, was joined on stage by Ledoux's son, Ned. Afterward Johnson admitted, "We played the Opry this year, and I wasn't as excited as I was tonight...
Remembering a Legend
I was still in the Army when Chris LeDoux died. I remember it clearly, as I had just arrived at my new duty station, "The Great Place," Fort Hood, TX. I read of his passing online and thought surely it must be a hoax. Unfortunately, it wasn’t...
I was still in the Army and had just arrived at my new permanent duty station, Fort Hood, Texas, the day Chris LeDoux died. I saw the story online and honestly thought it was a hoax.