Jimmy Fallon

Maren Morris on 'The ‘Tonight Show’
Earlier this week Maren Morris performed her new song “Rich” on “The Tonight Show." But that wasn't all, she also participated in their backstage feature “Tales from Tour," where she shared stories on the road, and about how her fans gift her with a certain kind of cookie.
'First Drafts Of Rock'
Chris Stapleton’s new record, From A Room: Volume 1, was released this past Friday (May 5th). If you hadn’t heard, the world will be blessed with two new Stapleton albums this year. The man who had the biggest selling country album in 2016 with Traveller, is set to release Volume 2 later this year...
‘Behind The Lyrics’
This week Christ Stapleton went behind the lyrics with Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show host asks his favorite musicians to explain the true meaning behind their big hits. Apparently we didn't understand the title track of Chris Stapleton's 2015 breakout album, Traveller, whatsoever...
Some Late Night Fun
We've all heard the stories of what happens on Willie Nelson's tour bus, and earlier this week Jimmy Fallon found out... second-hand.
Sturgill on Fallon
Colbert may have got Sturgill to sing an ode to The Waffle House, but Jimmy Fallon got the best late-night-television-Sturgill performance of-all-time. Last night Sturgill brought a most dynamic horn section to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, delivering a rousing performance of "All Around You...
Jimmy Fallon + GRO
Well this is something I wasn't expecting to see; The Tonight Show, it seems, is debuting new music now on their website. On Tuesday it was Texas-based Green River Ordinance, and their new single "Red Fire Night," that took the spotlight.
Kacey on Your TV
June 23rd. That's when the world get their first listen to Kacey Musgraves sophomore album, "Pageant Material." Ahead of the release date Musgraves will be stopping by not one, but two NBC late night shows.
Sturgill on Fallon
He is country, but he is more than that. Sturgill Simpson's music has the unique ability to appeal to all music lovers. Play one of his songs for that friend of yours that "absolutely hates" country. They'll like it.
Rock + Musgraves
Friday (6/13) you can catch Kacey Musgraves CMT Crossroads debut with Katy Perry, tonight (6/12) you can watch her on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I wonder what games he'll make her play...  whatever it is, of course it'll be a great, and trending on Facebook and Twitter come Friday.