Outrun The Sun

'Secondhand Smoke'
We've got Sam Riggs firmly placed inside our top 5 artists to dominate 2015, and it is no joke. He is slowly adding new tunes like Secondhand Smoke to his set, and the crowd is already going crazy in response.
The Final Episode
In this final episode of the series, Sam Riggs gives us a glimpse into his team of Night People, the rock stars that make every show a success.
I am officially taking you Down Every Road with the one and only - Sam Riggs, of Sam Riggs and the Night People.
Episode one takes you behind-the-scenes of both the excitement and frustrations of "record release day." If you haven't heard Riggs' new record Outrun The Sun, …
'Outrun The Sun'
Sam Riggs' long awaited full-length album 'Outrun The Sun' was released yesterday, charting the Top 10 Country albums on iTunes, and was featured as a 'New and Noteworthy' artist (*insert applause*).