Rolling Stone Country

'The Underdog'
Whether through his music, in interviews or on the stage; Aaron Watson has never been one to shy away from sharing his personal life with his fans. And with his 12th album, The Underdog, it looks like fans can expect much of the same.
'Best 100 Proof'
Over the weekend Whiskey Myers was turning heads at Americana Music Fest in Nashville. Rolling Stone Country highlighted performances from the festival with a series of "Best" designations, i.e. "Best Supergroup" or "Best Living Legend."
Sunny Sweeney
You can hear Sunny Sweeney's new single, Bad Girl Phase on Radio Texas, LIVE!, and you can get your hands on her new album in August. Sweeney sat down with Rolling Stone Country and explained how relationships have played a role in her song writing.
Five Minutes
If you didn’t hear there is a new player in the country scene, with a name we all, all know. Last month Rolling Stone launched a country music version of their website, and it seems they’re taking an interest in Texas Music. First up was Wade Bowen, now it's Roge…
It's Heeeere!
This week marked the official launch of Rolling Stone Country, a site and magazine dedicated to the country music genre:
“There’s a really big void in the digital coverage of country music as far as giving it the serious attention it deserves,” says Rolling…