Sam Riggs and The Night People

The Acoustic Sessions
Sam Riggs has slowly but surely been releasing bits and pieces of what we can expect off his next album, with each new song receiving raving reviews.
'Secondhand Smoke'
We've got Sam Riggs firmly placed inside our top 5 artists to dominate 2015, and it is no joke. He is slowly adding new tunes like Secondhand Smoke to his set, and the crowd is already going crazy in response.
Our Top Five
I saw an artist perform the other day, who may or may not be on this list *cough cough* that did a phenomenal rendition of a song outside of their genre. It got me thinking about the artists in our Texas Music scene - the songs they choose to cover at their shows and why they choose those particular…
Our Top Five
Steamboat Music Fest. The largest annual Texas Music party for fans and artists alike. Every year, there are Musicfest veterans, as well as newly invited artists. This year, Dickson Productions has, as always, amped up their lineup with quite a few awesome new artists.
'Hold On And Let Go'
How often do you get to see love, lust and violence in the same Texas Music video? That's right... Sam Riggs nailed it again. You may remember Riggs' last official video for When The Lights Go Out, which made it to #1 on CMT. WTGO featured Riggs as a ghost lingering with love long aft…
Acoustic Sessions
I started up a little acoustic series, featuring various artists across the music scene. Starting with the one but only Sam Riggs.
Pay Attention
I've run into a dilemma recently... some friends who just moved to Texas from New York, are in need of some new music. Naturally, my inclination is to give them a taste of Texas Country, although they aren't big country fans. Or they aren't yet... muahaha.
Did You Know?
How much do you really know the beloved Texas Country genre? Do you know the ins and outs of your favorite artists? We've gathered 10 crazy facts about this music scene that you may not know:
Billy Joe Shaver shot a man in the face in 2007 outside Papa Joe's Bar in Waco, TX (out of self-d…
Top Five
This summer, there are so many amazing tunes being released to radio. Honestly, it's hard to say which ones will do the best because there are that many!
Sam Riggs
Sam Riggs outdid Josh Abbott and Matt Hillyer in '10 Words to Show Your Talent.' For this game, the artists are given ten random words by fans and radio deejays, Charla Corn and Justin Frazell, and have to write a tune including those words as fast as possible...

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