Sam Riggs and The Night People

RTX Sunday Video
When Sam Riggs and the Night released the video for "When the Lights Go Out," last summer, it caused some pretty big waves. Who was this young, unknown band from Texas landing a No. 1 video on CMT Pure?
Buddy + Special Guest Sam Riggs
This Wednesday (May 28), I am back at Cowboy’s in Tyler, spinning all the best Texas and Red Dirt Music you can two-step to in a single night — and I’m pumped to be bringing Sam Riggs of the Night People out with me.
Natalie's P.O.T.W.
I wish more often there were songs like this which resonates on the inside – a song that is pure and fresh. It should happen more often than not.
The Final Episode
In this final episode of the series, Sam Riggs gives us a glimpse into his team of Night People, the rock stars that make every show a success.
'Down Every Road'
Sam Riggs and manager Jeb Hurt guides us through episode two of the Down Every Road series, which takes us across the pond to the Country Rendez-vouz Festival in Craponne, France. Follow along as this dynamic duo reveals the unsuspecting adventure that awaits them in Europe...
Official Music Video Debut
'Tis true, Sam Riggs is already releasing another video - this time, brought to you by yours truly. To be fair, we filmed this a long time ago, it just took some time getting released. But 'alas, I present with you the latest and greatest, 'Your Troubadour...
'The X Factor'
Let's not be dramatic. No one is killing anybody -- unless you're Pat Green and Cory Morrow shooting someone just to watch them die (cue Glass Houses) -- but that story is for another day.
"The X Factor." We all want it, especially musicians...
Sam Riggs ‘When the Lights Go Out’ CMT premiere
When the Lights Go Out - Sam Riggs And The Night People - Sam Riggs And The Night People Videos
It's video premiere day on CMT -- and so the long awaited music video for Sam Riggs' current single, "When The Lights Go Out" is finally here! Already the video has created quit…