Shane Smith and The Saints

The Saints' Bassist Returns
Less than three weeks after being involved in a motorcycle accident (March 19), Shane Smith and the Saints, bassist Chase Satterwhite was back on stage where he belongs.
Must See Pictures
Ever wonder what your favorite singers looked like when Facebook began taking over the world in '08-'09? So did we.
Top 21 Favorite Songs of '17
It's November! That means we've heard all the radio singles that will be released in 2017 -- I mean there'll probably be a few more, but I'll be on vacation then.
RTX Sunday Video
Shane Smith and the Saints are a band on the rise. The guys enjoyed a Top 100 single in 2014 with Dance the Night Away, they were selected as a Band to Dominate in 2015 by us, and they've got a great new single out radio called "New Orleans."
Cowboy's on Friday
Geronimo was one of the best crafted albums released in 2015. It's makers, Shane Smith and the Saints have become one of our favorites bands of the last few years. From their energizing live shows to exceptional story telling -- in harmony -- the Texas-based band is a band on the rise...
RTX Sunday Video
Shane Smith and the Saints are a band on the rise. They've got a great album on their hands in Geronimo, a great nontraditional single racing up the Texas charts, "New Orleans," and are one of the best live bands in Texas.
Today the video for "Feather in the Wind&q…
A Stacked Festival
This year, for the fifth consecutive year, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, and Turnpike Troubadours will be hosting Medicine Stone Music Festival. This festival set at The Diamondhead Resort in Talequah, Oklahoma is where Red Dirt's premiere names will be this September.

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