A SXSW Rooftop Showcase
If you've got plans to be in Austin for SXSW this year, you're a true music lover, and a brave soul. With all that will be going on, be sure to make it out to the KOKE-FM Rooftop Showcase at The Blind Pig Pub.
King George at SXSW
No your eyes do not deceive you. In what will have to go down as the biggest SXSW surprise this year, even more surprising than Willie dropping by the Spotify House on Sunday, George Strait dropped in on GRAMMY winner Ray Benson's birthday party...
'Pot Quiz'
In the new 2015 SXSW edition of "Pot Quiz," Willie Nelson makes a surprise guest appearance as the "highest musician in the world."
Jimmy + Matthew
This week Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey single-handedly saved VCRs and Asian horror flicks for the whole world.
SXSW Cares
It was announced Monday that a third victim of the tragic DWI accident at SXSW passed away due to injuries from a drunk driver. The Austin Community Foundation has launched a fundraiser to help raise financial support for the victims and their families:
Willie Nelson Talks
If you didn't hear, last week was a big one for Austin and central Texas. Not only did a couple thousand bands converge on our capital for SXSW, but Jimmy Kimmel brought his late night show to the city -- putting our great state, and many of our own stars on a national stage. I mean, c'mon…
'Lie Witness News'
You have probably seen those amazing segments on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he has parents lie to their kids about eating all their halloween candy. Or if you haven't, you should! Hysterical. Well, Kimmel also has introduced a segment Lie Witness News, where he sends a crew into a hi…