Natalie's P.O.T.W.
I wish more often there were songs like this which resonates on the inside – a song that is pure and fresh. It should happen more often than not.
William Clark Green
Not that William Clark Green needs to explain anything to anyone, let alone me, but when he stopped by last week he was nice enough to fill me in on why he broke a promise he'd made to me. He also share details about his next album Ringling Road, and we discussed the difference between his No. …
Dowload Alert
Not only is William Clark Green's new single, Sympathy, out today -- simply downloading it could land you a WCG prize-pack. It will definitely land you and your iPod a sweet new song.
This is it, your chance to weigh in on the new music we play at Radio Texas, LIVE! And get an early taste of some great new songs. This week, in what would be a great Wheel of Fortune "Before and After, Texas Music Edition" category (Zane Williams Clark Green), Zane Williams square…
Post by William Clark Green.
This week William Clark Green treated fans to a taste of his next radio single, it's just :58 seconds, but the tune sounds great.