Texas Like That

Zane's Take On it
Upon the release of Zane William's new album, Texas Like That, Zane posted a video on Facebook about the state of country music (in his humble opinion, of course :))
Check out his thoughts on today's country music, and where we should take it from here.
'Texas Like That'
Zane Williams is the latest in the proud Texas tradition to croon about our great state, and he does it oh so well. With his new lyric video, the Abilene native puts his fans center-stage on Texas Like That.
This is it, your chance to weigh in on the new music we play at Radio Texas, LIVE! And get an early taste of some great new songs. This week, in what would be a great Wheel of Fortune "Before and After, Texas Music Edition" category (Zane Williams Clark Green), Zane Williams square…