We know that Texas is just like every other part of the world, there is going to be crime that takes place. While we don’t want to hear about crime in our communities it’s important to know what is going on around you, so you are prepared.

Let’s hope that you never have to prepare to face anyone who is listed below because we have a list of inmates who have sat on death row in a Texas prison for a minimum of 25 years. 


For most of us the thought of losing our freedom for one day would be a horrible experience which we would never forget. But we are talking about people who have served a large portion of their life waiting to face the consequence of their actions.

That must be a very lonely and sad feeling, although there is a reason they are sitting in those prison cells.  

Texas Will Hold You Accountable for Your Crime 

The state of Texas doesn’t let crime go unpunished. The names and crimes listed below for people who have been on death row for over 25 years, all include the death of another person. We are talking about families that have lost a loved one, so there is a reason they are not enjoying their freedom.  

Let’s Look at the Texas Criminals Who Have Served 25+ Years 

Here is a look at inmates in Texas prisons who has sat on death row for at least 25 years. These criminals have been convicted of horrible crimes as you can see below.

Texas Inmates That Have Been Incarcerated on Death Row for a Long Time

Here is a look at criminals in Texas that have been on death row for at least 30 years.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins


ON THE RUN: Federal Prisoners Who Escaped in Texas And Have Never Been Seen Again

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