Today, Whiskey Myers' third studio album, and first since 2011,"Early Morning Shakes," hits stores and iTunes. If you wanna check it out before you drop the dough on it, that's understandable -- go ahead, check out our preview, but you're gonna love it. Might as well just download it.

Press play on a smashup of Reckoning, Home, and Early Morning Shakes:

Judging solely from the teasers the guys have been feeding us the past few months, their latest radio single -- it would appear "Early Morning Shakes," out today (Feb. 4), is definitely up to the task of following what became a definitive Whiskey Myers album.

The Dave Cobb produced album, "Early Morning Shakes," is a twelve track record of dirty country and rock songs -- filled with thoughtful lyrics and hard hitting guitar solos. Exactly what we've come to expect from WM.

Last week, my arch-nemesis Rita Ballou from Rawhide and Velvet got to debut "Hard Row to Hoe." Check it out, here.

Two weeks ago, debuted a new song "Where the Sun Don't Shine." So happy to see these guys being embraced by so many different outlets. Here's what TOC had to say about the new song:

'Where the Sun Don’t Shine’ is a mid-tempo southern rocker about making ends meet any way you can. The track from this Tyler, Texas group is thick with guitars, organ and twang.

The next verse describes a single mom’s struggles, and things become more enjoyably sordid after that. ‘Early Morning Shakes’ draws from country, rock, R&B and psychedelic rock in addition to string band traditions. It’s their second album with Wiggy Thump Records, the follow-up to ‘Firewater’ from 2011.

Click here to hear "Where the Sun Don't Shine."

And finally, few weeks ago, Yahoo Music got the exclusive debut of "Shelter from the Rain."

Click here to for the exclusive first listen to "Shelter from the Rain," courtesy of Yahoo Music.

This is the first real love song I have ever written," says frontman Cody Cannon. "A lot of the stuff I write is pretty straightforward. There aren’t any hidden codes, it’s just about your woman sheltering you from the rain or hard times.

In December, the guys stopped by to perform on our Front Porch, click the titles to watch the broke-down, acoustic-ish performances of new songs like "Lightning," "Dogwood," and their current radio single, "Home."