How country is Jason Cassidy keeping it with his new album? That depends how country you think fiddle, steel guitar, at times thoughtful and at times rowdy lyrics are. Cassidy stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! last week where we kept it very country, plus debuted his next radio single "Damn Good Beer." Check this out.

Last Saturday marked the premiere of a brand new game, inspired by the title of Cassidy's new album. The RTX crew and I compiled a list of Country Music's most legendary and most country artists. When presented with one of these artists, Cassidy had to sing one of their songs, on the spot, live on the radio.

The artists on the table: Merle Haggard, George Strait, Keith Whitley and Jamey Johnson. I realize I probably say it too much, but what happened next was perhaps the best five minutes in radio history. Listen to this.

Cassidy's most recent single "Blame it on Waylon," and first single off "Keep it Country," is an upbeat rockin' tune that in June, went to the top of the Texas charts becoming another No.1 for the up and comer.

What's next? Well, we debuted the song slated to be his next radio single. And I don't feel it too much of a stretch to say it'll be yet another chart topper for him. The song "Damn God Beer," is not just a great radio single, it's going over great at live shows.

"It's just a fun song," Cassidy says. "For some reason I keep picturing the crowd with their beers in the air swaying back and forth during the naw naw naws." We gave the next working man's anthem it's radio debut, give it a listen below. Download "Keep it Country," here.