After reaching a new level of success with his hit single 'Sent Me You', Mongomery, Texas native Josh Ward is faced with the tall order of following up a chart-topping record. He'll take a crack at it with a very different song from the sweet, honest ballad: a rocking honky tonk country tune called 'Promises'.

This is not a love song, and will never be mistaken for one. The title track from Ward's 'Promises' CD is a song about a lady (some folks might call her a 'honky tonk angel') dressed up and out at the bar, leaving her man at home to wonder what she's up to.

I see you standing with that look in your eyes
Straight shot of tequila, blowing cigarette smoke and lies
Looking that way, prowling around this bar
When all along someone's waiting at home wondering where you are
You know what you're doing and you know that it ain't right
So, how many promises are you gonna break tonight?

The chorus is catchy. I can practically visualize couples spinning around a honky tonk dance floor. That's exactly what 'Promises' was made for.

How many promises are you gonna break tonight?
Runnin' around here, hanging on everything in sight
Honesty and faithful can't fit in a dress that tight
So, how many promises are you gonna break tonight?

Verse two lets us know that our angel's bad decision takes the next step, adding a disappearing wedding ring and a trip to a motel room to the story.

That gold band on your left hand just don't mean a thing
Playing it cool with another fool, acting like a neon queen
Thinking about it later tonight in that motel room
Singing along to that same old song, 'Who's Cheating Who'
You slipped off that ring with one thing on your mind
So, how many promises you're gonna break tonight


This ain't the first time and it won't be the last
You come in once again, showing off your class

What a tramp.

I can't go on without mentioning that the guitar solo in 'Promises' is fantastic, and must be heard to be appreciated. John Carroll nails it, and the solo is one of the highlights of a terrific song. In fact, this song (and the entire 'Promises' CD, for that matter) is played and recorded extremely well. Kudos to Josh and everyone involved in the making of this project. Check out the song here:

After talking with Josh Ward earlier this year, he made it clear that 'Sent Me You' was something special, and that he had a good feeling that it was going to be successful. But he also explained that he is very confident in  the rest of his songs, including 'Promises'. Josh has every reason to feel good about his latest single. This is a great country song.