Troy Cartwright

Troy Cartwright Brings Live Show Back to Coach’s and Cowboy’s
The Wednesday Night, LIVE! Music Series rolls on this week as we welcome back one of Texas Music's most promising new acts, Troy Cartwright.
Haven’t heard of Troy yet? Well, let's fix that, quickly. Here is what folks are saying about the young Dallas native, his album and live show:
“The record is pa…
Kyle Park Returns to Cowboy’s this Friday
The last time Kyle Park was in Tyler performing, it was right before his album, The Blue Roof Sessions, was released. Nine months, and three singles later KP is back in East Texas this Friday (May 20) at Cowboy’s in Tyler.
Y'all don't want to miss this, gonna be a big ol&apo…
The Wednesday Night, LIVE! Music Series Welcomes Kimberly Dunn
This week Kimberly Dunn will be my musical guest for the Wednesday Night, LIVE! Music Series at Coach's Sportsbar. Don't miss what is going to be a great mid-week break of live music, cold beer, good friends and delicious food.
This is Dunn's first time back in Tyler since opening for …